About Us

About Us

To become the internationally recognized centre for excellence for the delivery of Hotel and Tourism Management Courses

Skill Campus is one of the pioneer organizations providing vocational and practical based education in the field of Hotel & Hospitality Management. Apart from that, the campus also runs academic education in the Secondary Level for Class 11 and 12. Established in 2015 A.D., the campus has been able to enact itself as a promising institution to provide fundamentals of the hospitality and hotel management.

Skill Campus is located at the heart of Itahari Sub-metropolitan city, which lies in the Sunsari District of Province Number 1. Itahari City has itself established as an educational, financial and business hub of the Eastern Province. Hence, the location of the college is in its best way to accommodate the hospitality industry to its prime. Situated in ward no. 6 of Itahari City, the campus lies in the South-Western corner of the main centre of the city. The campus is very easily accessible by roadways and the nearest airport (Biratnagar Airport) is 22 km from the campus.

Our main objective is to prepare well-rounded graduates for employment in tourism and hotel management position in Nepal and internationally. We develop dedicated professionals with a qualification that are recognized and highly regarded internationally.

We here at Skill Campus deliver practical based education where students will get an insight into both theoretical and practical aspects. Completion of degree opens door to a global market and we will make sure our every graduate are not missed out with endless opportunity that the hospitality and tourism industry offers. The Hospitality world awaits you!

Some of the companies under the Skill Campus are:

  • Gokyos Hospitality Solution, Nepal
  • Hotel verandah, Itahari (under skill campus management)
  • Cafe Upstairs, Itahari Nepal
  • Grounds Cafe, itahari Nepal
  • The Great Lassiwala, Itahari Nepal
  • Wind Bell Restaurant, Kathmandu (Closed due to recent earthquake on 25/04/2015)
  • Terrace Agro, Coffee and Ginger farm.



  • We have our own partnered training hotel, Verandah and training restaurant and coffee shops.
  • Experienced faculties with hands-on local & international exposure
  • Modern air-conditioned classrooms, integrating technology into teaching methodology
  • Full-fledged training kitchen and labs
  • International & Local internship and Placement opportunities 
  • Located in the heart of the city.
  • Easy accessible from public transport from all corners of state one of Nepal.
  • Audio-visual labs.
  • All students will have access to free Internet and Wi-Fi connection.



Skill Campus has very good relations with the government of Nepal, ministry of education and ministry of labour. It runs all its vocational programs under directives of Government of Nepal and affiliated under CTEVT Nepal. It also has very strong ties with various international vocational bodies.



We here at Skill Campus do not promote student to be bookish rather would let them explore the possibilities all over the globe. World is shrinking smaller and smaller because of technology and communication invented by humans. We would always help student think outside the square and help them compete in this world with the endless opportunity.

Our team extensive knowledge and skills cultivated over the years by our trainers and facilitators will be showered to each of our students to make sure they are ready to face any challenges that come along. Our trainers have always maintained the industry currency and have very clear understanding on what they are delivering and the needs of the students.

  • Experienced faculties with hands-on local and international exposure.
  • Modern air-conditioned classrooms, integrating technology into teaching methodology.
  • Lectures and training by International experts.
  • International Standard training labs.
  • Full-fledged operating restaurants run by our students.
  • International and local internship opportunities.